A Radiant, Solar-powered ‘Net-zero’ Abode Is Now Available In Cape Coral

Achieving net zero means that the quantity of greenhouse gas emitted is equivalent to the amount taken out of our atmosphere. In other words, it’s a state where human activity has no detrimental effects on global warming and climate change.

To reach net zero, we must contribute an equal amount of resources as those that are being taken away. To achieve this goal, homes need to be highly energy-efficient, and solar power is the best way to do this.

A Cape Coral contractor has decided to list a home that runs entirely on solar energy!

Experience true electricity independence with the house on SW First Place! This property stands apart from the rest because when you flip a switch, it’s not FPL or LCEC that illuminates your space; instead, its self-sustaining energy source turns on—now that’s something special.

Homeowner Erin Shine states, “Net zero is a concept where you produce as much power as you consume. That way, your energy usage effectively cancels itself out.” This incredible home, built in 1984, now produces as much power as it consumes due to its solar energy utilization! In 2023 it officially became a zero-emissions dwelling.

According to Shine, if you take the time to examine your energy usage and make changes that increase efficiency, it is possible to reduce your bill by an estimated 10-30%. Once these conservation tactics are in place, solar energy can be used for any remaining needs.

After leasing the house to numerous households, Shine decided it was time to sell it. His mission is to locate the ideal client who can take full advantage of the extensive energy savings. Peter Davis of John R. Wood Properties is up for this challenge and might be buying this house.

Davis expressed his assurance that the solar energy concept would be successful and bring in a specific type of customer who is passionate about sustainability, cutting the costs associated with energy bills. He further stated, “I think there’ll be a market for it, especially if we prove this concept as I think we will.”

This luxurious three-bedroom, two-bathroom adobe is up for sale at an amazing price of $439,000!

According to Davis, the cost of his property is an estimated 20% higher than that of similar homes without solar panels in the immediate vicinity.

Davis declared, “This study is an ideal example of what can be achieved. It has been proven successful and replicable in Cape Coral and around Florida due to the plentiful sunshine!” He elucidated that this is a great indicator of where the market is heading in terms of development.

This gorgeous home has been waiting for its perfect buyer since last week. The next owner could reduce their energy costs by up to 30% simply by using efficiency solutions.

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